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What is YooMee ?

YooMee Cameroon is an Internet Service Provider created in 2011. YooMee is in a young and dynamic company, pioneering in the advent of wireless broadband in Cameroon when the urban populations still connected at a rate of 512kb. As of 2012, YooMee quickly assimilates the notion of mobility and floods the urban market of Cameroon MiFi and Internet key. In the wake of the Internet bubble and the success of its products, YooMee invests in a university project of Wi-Fi Campus, providing Wi-Fi accessibility to the 70,000 students of the University of Douala. A first for these young applicants needing support, educational manuals and platforms of exchange: imagine the positive consequence of such a project for these workers of tomorrow!

On February 22, by signing an MVNO partnership with CAMTEL, YooMee Cameroon became a virtual telephone operator, the 4th mobile operator in Cameroon.



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verify if your zone is covered by our network, if you are not sure please contact us for a test.

What equipments may I buy?



YooMee offers you a pack of Modems having an integrated WiFi feature, giving you the possibility to connect on your Smartphones, Tablets, Computers, or compatible equipment.

From what Tariff Plans may I benefit?




YooMee offers you flexible tariff plans for an optimal satisfaction of your personal needs at home or professional in a company. Also boost your productivity with On-line products and services for a better Web visibility.

How to become a YooMee subscriber  ?

Go to your nearest YooMee shop, YooMee partner or YooMee showroom or order it now online
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