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What is YooMee ?


YooMee Cameroon is a telecommunications operator on the Internet market since May 2011, a subsidiary of YooMee Africa group with it's headquarters in Switzerland.

YooMee Cameroon is the first Internet Service Provider to deploy a mobile broadband wireless network in Cameroon, allowing to its users fast Internet, stable, mobile and above all easy to use. YooMee Cameroon has set itself the mission of improving individuals' quality of life and promote the development of businesses by deploying innovative telecommunications solutions, efficient and accessible. For this purpose YooMee providies the best broadband experience in Cameroon at affordable prices and innovative online solutions.

What makes YooMee different  ?

SPEED: Experience the speed of 4G for yourself with YooMee. The world is now instantly at your fingertips.

MOBILITY: YooMee internet on the go. YooMee provides you the freedom to move from place to place and stay connected.

STABILITY: The stability provided by the technology allows our customer to watch online videos, and download large files.

EASY TO USE: Easy to install with YooMee instant plug-and-play devices. Just plug and you are ready to connect.




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Verify your network coverage ?




verify if your zone is covered by our network, if you are not sure please contact us for a test.

What equipments may I buy?



YooMee offers you a pack of Modems having an integrated WiFi feature, giving you the possibility to connect on your Smartphones, Tablets, Computers, or compatible equipment.

From what Tariff Plans may I benefit?




YooMee offers you flexible tariff plans for an optimal satisfaction of your personal needs at home or professional in a company. Also boost your productivity with On-line products and services for a better Web visibility.

How to become a YooMee subscriber  ?

Go to your nearest YooMee shop, YooMee partner or YooMee showroom or order it now online
Select a subscription plan and device
Turn on your YooMee device
You are connected !